Mia’s birthday (paper-book)

Mia is 6 years old now and today is her birthday… How many years do you think Mia will have? Mia had a friend, a little bear who gave Mia a gift… Mia says: „I wish for new wings”.

New wings! That was what I wished for! I like them so much! I decide I will take off (the old ones) and I will put the new ones on my back and I will… never take them out” said Mia with very much pleasure.

I will take my old wings out… and put the new ones on! Then, Mia showed her mommy her new wings. „Can I eat the cake, mommy?”

After singing the „Happy Birthday to you” song, Mia will blow the candle and eat the cake!

Now Mia wanted to see how can her new wings fly, just one birthday walk. 

Mia says: I can fly very well now!



2 gânduri despre „Mia’s birthday (paper-book)

  1. Cami spune:

    Foarte frumos! Cata claritate in exprimare! Bravo

  2. PETRE spune:

    Foarte frumos.Inimi inflacarate si suflete vrajite.O gradina mereu inflorita cu ingeri fara oprire zburand.O frumusete a vietii ce-si arata si sacrul ei chip.Eterna frumusete aripile daruite copiilor nostri,contemplandu-se in oglinda.Aceste inimi sunt eternitatea si tot ele oglinda.

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