DSCN692810 reguli de viata. Se citesc pe verticala.

1. Asculta cu atentie dorintele;
2. Cere ajutor cand esti stresat;
3. Invata sa spui „nu in acest moment”;
4. Noteaza-ti ideile in agenda;
5. Odata /h (pe ora)5 minute plimba-te;
6. Pentru prioritati fa-ti lista;
7. Urgenta ta nu este si a altora;
8. Nu cauta scuze ci rezolva;
9. Asigura-te ca te incadrezi in timp;
10.Decide sa actionezi, nu fi lenes.


3 gânduri despre „Regulile ACINOPUNAD

  1. takeshi110 spune:

    I would like to be explained more on the motto 3. It will be a difficult task to learn to use that word appropriately. Reason of holding this time should be added in order not to be misunderstood, I suppose.

    • Ana Tițoiu Tomescu spune:

      Sometimes saying „i can not do this in this moment” can be difficult but good for us. This is what Vera wanted to say. Thanks for comments and best wishes!

  2. petre spune:

    You’re right
    We develop each rule
    Here appears the only way they remember a single word (ACINOPUNAD) (word formed from the first letter of each rule)
    Thanks for letting us watch our games.

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